Why Choose a Periodontist for Your Dental Implant Procedure?

If you’re considering dental implants, you’ll find many dentists who will offer to perform the procedure. However, if you’re looking for the best possible outcome and overall experience, choose a surgical specialist like Dr. Amarik Singh for your procedure. Dr. Singh is one of the top periodontist in the Midwest who specializes in the tissues that surround and support your teeth and dental implants. He is, in fact, a dental implant specialist and has the most relevant knowledge, training, and facilities to ensure less pain, faster recovery time, and a perfect smile. 
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What is a Periodontis?

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Meet dr. Singh

Amarik Singh, DDS, MS, MICOI

A Nationally Recognized Leader in Implant and Periodontal Dentistry.
Dr. Amarik Singh has gained an international reputation as a Periodontist and expert in periodontal plastic surgery. The doctor specializes in a wide range of Periodontal treatments, which cover the tissues that surround and support your teeth and dental implants. When you meet with Dr. Singh, you can feel confident knowing that your overall gum health and oral care are evaluated and addressed.

Working in a state-of-art dental surgical facility with a fully staffed in-house lab, Dr. Singh and his team of experts can handle all your dental needs, all in one office, often in just one day. No need to travel to different offices, meeting with multiple doctors.

Few practices throughout the Midwest offer such comprehensive expertise, technology, and comfort to every patient. Come in today to experience one of the best dental practices Illinois has to offer. It's why people travel a thousand miles to have Dr. Singh give them their new smile.
We don’t think you’ll find a more convenient, precise, comfortable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing Periodontal Dentistry solution anywhere else in Chicagoland.


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